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We Work To Make Property Division As Simple As Possible

Parting ways with a spouse is a complicated process. Divorce requires you to examine everything you own together and figure out who keeps each asset. It is natural to be worried about what will happen, but there are ways to make the result fair.

Our lawyers at Skillern Firm have ample experience with asset division and divorce cases. We can work closely with you to streamline this process and ensure that you are walking away with a fair award or settlement. Rely on our family law attorneys for guidance.

Locating All Assets Is Necessary For A Fair Outcome

Our Texas attorneys can help you protect and account for both obvious and not-so-obvious assets such as:

  • Your house and any other properties you own
  • Your car, motorcycle, truck or other vehicles
  • Retirement accounts and investments
  • The family business
  • The mortgage, credit card debt, medical debt, student loans, business loans and other debts
  • Special items such as pets, furniture, heirlooms, jewelry, artwork and more

We remain attentive to all aspects of your case. Sometimes, a spouse might hide or destroy assets. Our team is thorough, and we will work hard to locate hidden property or hold the other party accountable for any damage to marital property.

We Use Ethical Strategies To Protect Your Interests

Your divorce case does not have to become a full-blown courtroom conflict, although we will represent you if it does. Whether you want to negotiate your divorce or enter divorce trial, you can expect us to uphold professionalism and integrity while prioritizing your interests.

We can seek neutral valuations of items that might fluctuate in value, such as your home, vehicles, collectibles and other special property. Knowing the actual value of each item is important; it ensures that you and your spouse will each get the proper amount of marital assets. Through careful examination, we will help you avoid potential surprises throughout your case.

Get A Case Review Today

No matter how much you own or how complex your property is, we can help you. To consult with an experienced attorney at Skillern Firm, call 281-990-4655. You can also email our office in Houston to schedule your case review.