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Spending Quality Parenting Time With Your Children

The purpose of implementing a parenting plan, or child custody arrangement, is to retain a child’s sense of family, of having both parents present in their life, even after the parents are no longer together. With this goal in mind, Skillern Firm always works toward a solution that is in the best interest of the child.

Child custody, or conservatorship as it is known legally, is deeply personal and has long-lasting effects. These effects can be positive or negative. Therefore, our attorneys devote the time and attention needed to ensure that your child or children’s needs met first and foremost.

The Support You Need In Child Custody Hearings

In Texas, child custody can be broken up into three main sections: conservatorship, rights and duties, and possession and access.

  • Conservatorship refers to the type of conservator each parent is labeled. For example, Sole Managing Conservator, Joint Managing Conservator, or Possessory Conservator. Determining this is what many people think of as the custody process.
  • Rights and duties refer to each parents’ role in making decisions for their children such as educational, medical, dental, and religious.
  • Possession and access applies to visitation schedule of the child with the parents.

There are things to consider when creating parenting plans for child custody. Some of these things include your child’s health and wellness needs, where each parent lives, if there has been parental alcohol or drug abuse, each parent’s ability to care for the child and if there has been any history of violence in the home.

Because child custody is contingent on several different issues, many parents fear they will lose their child and their ability to be a part of the milestone moments in their child’s life. They also worry about their ability to provide for their children after the divorce. While it is rare, losing custody is possible. Our experienced custody lawyers will work to safeguard your parental rights and maintain your bond with your child. We can also advise and guide you should you need to make changes to your custody plan. We know that there is nothing more precious in the world than your child.

We Advocate For You And Your Child

When you have children, being with them is always going to be a priority. We understand the serious and emotional nature of this concern. As either a standalone case or part of your overall divorce case, our Texas child custody attorneys can help. Call 281-990-4655 or email our firm for a case review. Located in Houston, Skillern Firm helps families throughout the greater Houston area.

“There are no words to describe how great of a person Matt is. He truly cares about his clients and their families. If you are in the unfortunate position where you need counsel, hire Matt.”

—Kyle from Avvo