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Helping Parents Care For Children With Custody And Child Support

The purpose of child custody and child support is to give children the best possible quality of life regardless of their parents’ relationship with one another. With this goal in mind, Skillern Firm works toward a solution.

Child custody and child support are deeply personal and have far-reaching consequences. Therefore, our attorneys devote the full time and attention necessary to reach a fair outcome. Discuss your case with us to learn about your options.

Support In Child Custody Hearings

You can seek physical custody, legal custody or both. Physical custody allows you to live with the child and provide physical care. Legal custody allows you to make critical decisions for the child’s upbringing, such as their education, medical care, religious education and other aspects of their life.

Because child custody depends on several different issues, many parents fear losing their child. While it is rare, losing custody is possible. Our experienced lawyers can help safeguard your parental rights and your bond with your child. We practice with compassion and full dedication to our clients.

Child Support Can Be Confusing, But We Can Help

Courts use a specific formula to calculate child support obligations. How much each parent earns, the child’s needs and other factors can impact the results.

If parents do not both have custody, the noncustodial parent is typically responsible for paying child support to the custodial parent. This money helps to pay a portion of the costs that the custodial parent incurs while caring for the child.

We can support you throughout the initial child support determination and answer your questions about sending payments, receiving payments, properly using child support and more. In addition, we help parents modify child custody and child support orders when appropriate.

We Advocate For You And Your Child

Legal matters involving children are serious. As either a standalone case or part of your overall divorce case, our attorneys can help. Call 281-990-4655 or email our firm for a case review. Located in Houston, Skillern Firm helps families across Texas.