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What happens if my spouse wants a divorce, but I don’t?

Spouses do not always agree that ending a marriage is the only or best option. Often, one person feels that counseling, time or a period of separation can help repair the damage done. If you are that person and your spouse is the one seeking a divorce in Fort Bend,...

Mistakes that violate your divorce decree

Securing a divorce decree can mark the end of a difficult process; it is also the beginning of a new chapter. One thing that can affect what this new chapter might look like is whether parties comply with their divorce decree. However, parties across Sugar Land...

Special considerations for divorcing after 60

Ending a marriage at any age can make people feel scared about the future, but divorcing after 60 can be especially destabilizing. And as so-called "gray divorces" become increasingly common in the U.S., it can be crucial for older individuals to know what to expect...



Questions About Getting A Divorce?

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