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How can I prepare for divorce? Three tips.

Divorce is more than just the end of a personal relationship; it is also a legal process. As such it is important to take steps to prepare for the divorce. Proactive preparation can help better ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible while also mitigating the...

Three misconceptions you should not believe during divorce

In many divorces, parties wind up making decisions or declarations because of something they heard or believe about the process, rather than on what the law allows. Below are three more common misconceptions people have that can compromise their position in a Sugar...

Resolving to divorce in 2022? Start preparations now

A new year often brings a sense of hope and ambition. People want to make this year better than the last, which could mean putting an end to unhappy, unfulfilling or harmful marriages. If you are among those looking into getting a divorce in 2022, now is a good time...



Questions About Getting A Divorce?

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