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Defining ‘marital lifestyle’ during a divorce

Your marital lifestyle will be a critical factor in addressing divorce-related matters like spousal support and property division. But while many people may be familiar with the term "marital lifestyle," they may not understand what it actually entails. If you are...

How Do You Split Property During a High Net-Worth Divorce?

Every divorce case is different, but if you're a high-net-worth couple, that difference is even more apparent as certain complications make the process even trickier. Before you head into mediation or the courtroom in Sugar Land, TX, be sure you understand how to...

Separated and headed for divorce? Avoid these mistakes

The state of Texas does not have legal separation. However, many couples separate - and remain separated - for some time before they officially divorce. During this period, couples are still legally married, even if they do not live together and may have no...

How fraud, lies can affect a divorce

Lies and deception are some of the primary reasons why spouses end their marriage. As such, they often play a role in the divorce process.  Whether you tend to fib or your ex has a history of being dishonest, you should know how fraud and lies can affect the divorce...

How to Cope With Divorce: 15 Tips for Dealing With Stress

Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful times in a person's life. The emotional and mental toll of such a process can be incredibly draining and people might be affected in different ways. Sometimes, tools are needed to learn how to cope with divorce and there...

Negotiation tactics that can help during your divorce

Negotiation is important in most divorces. While the lawyers will typically do most of the negotiating to resolve matters like property division and child custody, it can still be helpful for individuals to have some negotiation tactics of their own in their toolbelt....

Protect yourself when divorcing a volatile ex

Divorces often have the potential to become contentious. However, when one person is volatile or irrational, the possibility that conflicts might arise can be especially high.  If the person you are divorcing has a history of harmful behaviors or emotional...



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