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Child Support

What happens if I don’t pay child support?

People across Texas are facing financial challenges right now. People are losing jobs; successful businesses are closing their doors; parents are relying more on childcare when schools close down. With all these economic obstacles, it can be increasingly difficult to...

Modifying your child support after these events

If you pay child support, you should prepare to continue making payments until the order expires. That said, things can change over time. This is why Texas courts allow modification of child support orders. However, you should be ready to prove the basis for a change....

What happens if I don’t pay child support in Texas?

Paying child support is a financial obligation that many parents would prefer to avoid. Some see it as a punishment; others would simply rather have more time with their child. Some parents experience events that make paying child support all but impossible. For these...

Do I have to provide an accounting for child support?

Parents can struggle with disputes long after they divorce and go their separate ways. One common conflict that parents can face under these circumstances involves the spending of child support. For instance, if you receive child support, the other parent could accuse...



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