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Child Custody

Three times you may need to legally establish paternity

A parent does not need to have a biological connection to a child to be a good parent. However, establishing biological relationships can still be crucial in several situations. When parents are unmarried Under the state laws in Texas, a child born to unmarried...

Six tips for negotiating child custody changes successfully

When parents divorce, they often continue to have interactions because of their children. And many of these interactions can involve solving problems or conflicts regarding the kids. For instance, over time, you may need to modify your parenting plan. Unless you want...

4 surprising custody issues you might face

In Texas, parents often resolve child custody matters themselves outside of court. Doing so allows them to maintain control over the outcomes and be creative with solutions. Custody discussions primarily involve deciding on parental rights and where a child will live....

7 Things to Avoid During a Custody Battle

If you're in the middle of divorce proceedings, you're probably already under a lot of stress, but if you're also dealing with a custody battle, it's possible that the added pressure could cause you to make a mistake that would lead to a loss of custody. Hiring a...



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