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Child Custody

Knowing the risks, signs of parental alienation

During especially hostile divorces between parents, there can be a real fear of parental alienation. This abusive strategy occurs when one parent unfairly turns a child against the other parent so that the child rejects them. If you are going through a divorce with a...

Improving parental fitness during custody cases

During child custody disputes, a parent's character and capabilities are under a microscope. Battling parents often use any mistakes or character flaws against the other person to "win" custody. If you are worried about your past as a parent or what your ex might...

Will I get custody of my kids in the divorce?

If you are getting divorced, custody (or conservatorship, as it is called in Texas) of your children can be your top concern. It should come as a relief to know that in most cases, parents share custody when it is in a child's best interests. However, what this looks...



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