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How Do You Split Property During a High Net-Worth Divorce?

Every divorce case is different, but if you're a high-net-worth couple, that difference is even more apparent as certain complications make the process even trickier. Before you head into mediation or the courtroom in Sugar Land, TX, be sure you understand how to...

How to Cope With Divorce: 15 Tips for Dealing With Stress

Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful times in a person's life. The emotional and mental toll of such a process can be incredibly draining and people might be affected in different ways. Sometimes, tools are needed to learn how to cope with divorce and there...

7 Things to Avoid During a Custody Battle

If you're in the middle of divorce proceedings, you're probably already under a lot of stress, but if you're also dealing with a custody battle, it's possible that the added pressure could cause you to make a mistake that would lead to a loss of custody. Hiring a...

8 Things to Know About Father’s Rights in Texas

If you're a father in Houston, TX who is headed into a custody battle, you probably have many questions, especially if you've heard horror stories about fathers' rights. Fortunately, fathers are afforded the same rights as mothers are in the eyes of the law, but you...



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